For the project, a strong consortium consisting of two research institutes (IPT and RCMT), four manufacturers of key technologies along the DynaMill value chain, namely CAM software (MOD), machine tools (STH), clamping devices (FRE) and tools (WAL) as well as four end users from different industries like power generation (ALS, LEI), space (TEC) and printing equipment (HPS) has been gathered. The partners come from seven different Member States and Associated countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, Spain, Romania, and Switzerland) and include three SMEs (MOD, FRE and TEC).

List of participants

Participant organisation name Short name Country Organisation type
ALSTOM (Switzerland) Ltd. ALS Switzerland Multi-national industrial, end user
Czech Technical University – Research Center of Manufacturing Technoloy RCMT RCMT Czech Republic Research Institute
Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT IPT
Germany Research Institute
Fresmak, S.A. FRE
Spain SME, clamping device manufacturer
Heidelberger Postpress Slovensko s.r.o. HPS Slovakia Multi-national industrial, end user
Leistritz Turbinenkomponenten Remscheid GmbH LEI Germany Multi-national industrial, end user
S.C. Module Works S.R.L. MOD Romania SME, CAM-software developer
Starrag AG STH Switzerland Multi-national industrial, machine tool manufacturer
Technoplast Group Ltd. TEC
Hungary SME, end user
Walter AG WAL
Germany Multi-national industrial tool manufacturer

The DynaMill Consortium