The strategic objective of the DynaMill project is to strengthen the European thin-walled work piece manufacturing community through realising the complete control of the milling process of thin-walled work pieces, while ensuring:

  • High process performance in terms of efficiency, resulting in shorter production times, lower manufacturing costs, a longer tool life and a reduced consumption of energy, coolants and other production resources
  • High production flexibility, due to quicker process set-up on the basis of a process planning methodology, allowing for shorter times between different products and product generations
  • High product quality with almost zero defects, due to stable and accurate machining, allowing for the elimination of finishing operations and a reduction of waste volume and the number of rejected components
  • Maximum availability of machines, due to less ramp-up time and clamping operations
  • Low investment requirements through retrofitting of modular technology
  • Less required shop floor space, due to improved throughput and elimination of finishing operations

This will be achieved through the development and demonstration of an integrated solution, providing a robust platform for the machining of thin-walled work pieces, the DynaMill technology.

The industrial objective is to create the basis for full exploitation of the DynaMill technology. As a result, the DynaMill project will impact the competitiveness of the European manufacturers of thin-walled work pieces for the automotive, aerospace and power generation industry by: 

  • Enhancing process knowledge and capability in milling of thin-walled work pieces
  • Enhancing process knowledge and capability in application of clamping devices
  • Increasing product and process quality, precision as well as output
  • Improving life time and capability of milling tools
  • Impacting on production efficiency and the strategically crucial time-to-market factor for manufacturing companies

The overall S/T objective of the DynaMill project is development, demonstration and evaluation of the DynaMill technology for the manufacturing of thin-walled work pieces.