DynaMill is built-on three distinct technology modules (Figure 4). In the first module "process planning" a preliminary evaluation and consideration of the static and dynamic behaviour of thin-walled work pieces is developed and simulation models are derived (see Figure 4: 1). The second module "adaptive clamping devices" covers the development of adaptive clamping devices specialized for thin-walled work pieces which are able to detect work piece movements and displacements, control clamping forces and compensate vibrations (see Figure 4: 2). The third module "cutting conditions" deals with the milling process itself (see Figure 4: 3). By a systematic process layout parameters and damping tool concepts are combined to avoid dynamic excitation and achieve superior damping capabilities. In the course of the project, the three modules will be combined and integrated in a machine tool for demonstration and validation of the DynaMill technology. The machine tool would validate the fully integrated manufacturing solution for thin-walled components.

Three module approach for milling thin-walled work pieces (Figure 4)