Overall strategy and general description

As shown in Figure 10, in total 12 work packages have been combined to structure the activities of the DynaMill project.

Interdependency of the DynaMill work packages (Figure 10)

To achieve the DynaMill objectives in line with industrial demand, the project will kick-off with the definition of the end users’ requirements and needs in WP 1 to guide the further research work. In addition, concrete targets for the later technical and economic evaluation of the DynaMill technology will be gathered. Then, the technological development of the DynaMill modules will take place in three parallel work packages WP 2, 3 and 4. WP 2 includes the development of module 1, the process planning module. WP 3 deals with module 2, the development of improved clamping devices. In this work package, the different technology levels for the clamping devices will be realised step by step, starting with improving the design of existing systems through to the development of active clamping devices. In WP 4 module 3, damping milling tools, will be developed. Subsequently, the development of the different modules, resulting from WP 2, 3 and 4 will be integrated into the machine tool and optimised in WP 5. The demonstration work packages WP 6, 7, 8 and 9 run largely in parallel with the research and development activities in WP 2 – 5. At the beginning, the demonstrator work pieces are defined. Then as soon as first results have been achieved in WP 2, 3 and 4 these will be demonstrated and results fed back to fuel further development. Later also the integrated platform that result from WP 5 will be demonstrated, first at STH and then at all end user partners. Finally, in WP 10, the project achievement will be evaluated against the targets, which were set in WP 1 at the start of the project. Wide dissemination and the preparation of exploitation of results are ensured through WP 11 which runs for the entire project life time. As does WP 12, which contains the financial and administrative management activities.