Overall Project Management Structure

High priority and attention will be given to the crucial area of project management. To ensure that the project proceeds efficiently and according to plan, a transparent management structure has been designed. Project activities are overseen by a Governing Board composed of one representative per partner. Coordinating person of this project is Dr. Thomas Bergs, managing director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology (IPT) in Aachen.

The work is divided in 12 work packages, each of which has been assigned a Work Package Leader. The Work Package Leaders together compose the Project Management Board. Dissemination activities are centralised in a separate dissemination package (WP 11), which receives information from all of the operational work packages (WP 1 to WP 10 as well as WP 12). Financial and administrative management activities are centralised in a separate financial and administrative management work package (WP 12). The overall management structure is illustrated in the Figure 11 below.

DynaMill management structure (Figure 11)

Industrial and Scientific Advisory Board

An independent advisory board to be chaired by Magnus Enssle has been confirmed and contains international experts representing academia and industry to provide external advice to the DynaMill consortium.