Role of the Governing Board

Role of the Governing Board

The project’s Governing Board (GB) is the main and highest level decision-making body of the project, and is composed of one representative from each consortium partner. Each representative will have an adequate level of experience within the partner organisation and the authority to take binding decisions for the organisation. The Governing Board will meet twice a year, either in person or through teleconferencing. It decides on major aspects of the project such as:

  • Shifts in budget, tasks, and responsibilities
  • Major work plan modifications and contract amendments
  • Consortium changes (partner withdrawal and accession of new partners)
  • Delays and contingency plans
  • Management of knowledge and dissemination & exploitation

The board will ensure that the project remains in line with the initial objectives, and check progress according to the set deliverables and milestones. Progress on the project will be reported to the Governing Board by the Project Coordinator, who in turn consolidates input from the Work Package Leaders in the Project Management Board. Decisions of the Governing Board are normally taken by consensus. If no consensus can be reached, the board will decide by simple majority vote. In case of a tied vote, the vote of the Project Coordinator, Dr. Thomas Bergs of the Fraunhofer Institute IPT will be deciding.

The Governing Board will have an important role in establishing strategic relationships with relevant organisations outside of the project consortium:

  • Interested stakeholders
  • Standardisation bodies
  • Industry associations

These contacts will be maintained by the Governing Board to promote dissemination of the project, guide its execution in strategically relevant directions, and maximise the uptake of the results.