Role of the Management Board

Role of the Project Management Board

The project’s Project Management Board is the operational engine of the project and is composed of the Work Package Leaders. The Project Management board will meet three times a year, either in person or through teleconferencing, chaired by the Project Coordinator. The main role of the Project Management Board is to safeguard technical progress in terms of deliverables, milestones and overall project objectives, by designing and implementing collaborative R&D actions. The committee focuses on operational aspects such as:

Action plan for the next period (tasks, timetables, responsible, project plan)

  • Exchange of information, experience, samples, tools
  • Collaborative and creative problem solving for R&D challenges

The Project Management Board will strive to reach decisions by consensus. Only if an issue cannot be solved by consensus, it will be escalated to the level of the Governing Board. The decision mechanisms of the Governing Board are described above. In case of problems being identified in a work package, the Project Management Board will discuss the issue with the individual Work Package Leader and project scientists involved and will take appropriate measures.