Role of the Project Coordinator

Role of the Project Coordinator#

The coordination of the DynaMill project is with lead partner Fraunhofer IPT and the role of Project Coordinator will be performed by Dr. Thomas Bergs. The Project Coordinator will safeguard and monitor day-to-day operational progress on the project objectives, deliverables and milestones. For this, he will receive regular updates on activities in the work packages from the Work Package Leaders, through direct contacts and during the regular meetings of the Project Management Board. At the end of the project, he will additionally receive a final report including data, interpretations, opinions, and recommendations based on results and experiences. The Project Coordinator will report to the Governing Board on project status and progress, and will receive strategic decisions from that board to implement.

The Project Coordinator will serve as the unique contact point for the European Commission and will report on project status and progress on a yearly basis. On the organisational level, the Project Coordinator will:

  • Distribute the EC contributed funding to the project partners
  • Organise, chair, and report on the meetings of the Governing Board and the Project Management Board
  • Coordinate the design of the Consortium Agreement, and safeguard compliance with the agreement during the course of the project
  • Ensure adequate reporting to the Governing Board and the European Commission (periodic progress and final report)
  • Implement clear administrative procedures and day-to-day financial administration of the project, both for internal use and external reporting obligations towards the European Commission
  • Maintain the coherence of the consortium through conflict mediation; larger scale conflicts will be escalated to the Governing Board
  • Coordinate the organisation of dissemination events to promote the results of the DynaMill project
  • Organise the internal and external project website