Role of the work package teams

Role of the work package teams#

The work plan of the DynaMill project has been divided in 9 work packages, each of which is implemented by a work package team. Each work package is assigned a Work Package Leader, reflecting the partners’ expertise and maintaining a balance between partners. The work package teams will be responsible for performing the research and demonstration activities in their work package, under the operational guidance of the Work Package Leaders. Each Work Package Leader will monitor the deliverables and is responsible for the necessary resources within the work package. They have to assure the quality of the work within the specific work package and manage milestones within their work package. Additionally, the Work Package Leaders report to the Project Coordinator on progress and potential deviations from the work plan. These reports will be consolidated for discussion during the Project Management Board meetings. The input will also be used by the Project Coordinator to report on project progress to the European Commission. All Work Package Leaders continuously report to the dissemination work package (WP 11) on project results.